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Frequently Asked Questions - About us

FAQs - About us

About Design & Cut

Design & Cut are a family run business based in Four Lanes in Redruth, Cornwall.  Our location doesn't stop us providing stickers to customers all over the UK, and even reaching into Europe.  As long as you have an address we can post to, we can print stickers and labels for you.

Simply put; we custom print bespoke stickers and labels. 

Need stickers or labels with your design or logo?  We can do it. 

Need your stickers or labels cut to an unusual shape?  We can do it.

We can print stickers and labels any size, any shape and any quantity.

Your stickers and labels can be supplied as individual, diecut stickers, kisscut on sheets, or kisscut on rolls. We also can also provide signs on foam board (this is a supply only service, we not fit signs).

We provide custom printed stickers, labels and decals to customers in Cornwall, even delivering the most local of orders ourselves, along with having many customers based all over the UK, and indeed we have dipped our toes in the European market (Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium to name a few).  As long as you have an address we can deliver our stickers to you.


There is an infinite combination of sizes, shapes, finishes etc for our stickers and it simply isn't possible to list all these. Virtually every job we get is different, so every job is priced individually. It also means when you contact us for a quote, the price you are given is the total price with no hidden extras.  The price is tailored to your requirements and it's been worked out to give you the absolute best value for money we can. We are however working on putting some price examples on our site so that you aren't put off contacting us by thinking our prices will be astronomical - they really aren't.

Our minimum order value for vinyl stickers and labels is £35 (+ £3.90 delivery), for paper stickers and labels it is just £25 (+ £3.90 delivery).  We have these in place simply because there is setup time required for the artwork and equipment etc.

We are confident that our prices are competitive.  But, if you have had a better quote elsewhere (on a like for like specification) let us know and we will do our best to match it. 



We will happily take on any sized project, big or small.  Whether you want 10,000, 1,000 or just 1 we can help.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements for a no obligation quote.  Additionally, if you are unsure of quantity we are happy to quote for a range of quantities for example 250, 500 and 1000.  That way you can choose the option that best suits your requirements and budget.

We undertake work where only one sticker is required (don't forget our sticker sizes go up to 700mm - so having one isn't as silly as you might first think, for example point of sale advertising (POS)); we do however have a minimum order value which is £35.  The reason for this is that whether you have just one sticker or 10,000 we still have to take into account the artwork and printer setup time that is required for every single job.  

Of course, the more stickers you have the better per sticker price we can offer you.

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The short answer is we did, but no, not anymore.

The long answer is - we had white ink in one of our printers for several months.  No one wanted to pay the price for white ink on their stickers. 

How many desktop printers do you see with white ink?  None, exactly. 

There are reasons for that;

White ink is extremely high maintenance; the maintenance cleans on that printer had to go from once a week to every day - that's a lot of down time over a year - missed cleans when running white ink could become costly as a printhead replacement is £1,000!  And we had to print with white ink everyday, whether we had a white print job or not, to stop the ink lines blocking. 

Finally the cost - white ink is suprisingly expensive; a white ink cartridge is half the size of the other ink cartridges (CMYKLcLm) AND double the price.  This made white print stickers too expensive and when shown the price with white ink and without white ink, from memory, everyone came back to us with an amended design (minus the white ink) to get the cheaper sticker price. 

It was quite clear, there was only one option - remove the white ink.  So we did.

So no we don't have white ink anymore.  But, if you have a design that needs white, give us a chance and get in touch - we have some tricks up our sleeve so that sometimes we can still achieve the finish you are after.

No sorry, this isn't possible.  We get asked this a lot and if we said yes our whole day would be taken up with setting up artwork and equipment for customised samples and wouldn't get any of our paid work done!  But we can send samples of previously printed stickers, so you can see the quality and the type of sticker we produce, or we do offer a printed proof of your actual sticker as part of our order process, the order process is as follows;

Doing it this way protects us both; You get to see one of your actual stickers before we go full steam ahead with printing the entire order, so if something isn't quite right it can be amended and we'll print another proof for you to check everything is just right - much better than 1,000 stickers arriving unseen and realising for example, there's an "e" missing!  And, because there are some sneaky people out there, having this order process in place we know that we aren't having our time wasted by someone who doesn't even intend to place an order.