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Kisscut stickers

Kisscut labels, with the backing paper still intact.

are where the actual sticker (i.e. the vinyl or paper) is cut to shape but the backing paper, sometimes known as the carrier sheet, remains uncut.  It is quite common to see a round or circular cut sticker on a piece of square backing paper.  If a sticker has a particularly complicated, or intricate, shape, to keep the sticker neat in transit or storage it is sometimes best to kisscut the sticker, so the backing paper is uncut and supply them as simple squares or rectangles.  That way the fancy shaped sticker will remain in top condition when it reaches you or when you are handing them out to your customers.  

Diecut stickers

On the otherhand diecut stickers are when the sticker and backing paper are cut to the same shape. 

Contour Cut Diecut Individual Printed Stickers 223x320

One disadvantage of this can be that the stickers are difficult to peel....  I'm looking at you, circle or round stickers.  Instead of supplying these stickers kisscut on a square backing, we often suggest a lipped diecut:-

Diecut round or circle stickers with a lip for easy peeling

So the backing paper will still be round but will be 2 or 3mm out from the rest of the sticker, this makes them super easy to peel but still keeps them appealing (ap-peel-ing!  see what we did there?!) to the eye.

If you are not sure which type of custom sticker you need - diecut or kisscut - or which would be most suitable, we are happy to discuss it with you. Just drop us an email, we are here to help.