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The disclaimer: the prices were compared on Saturday 9 March 2018.  Prices/offers may have changed in the meantime, but this is based on the offer that was presented to us at that time.  

I had an idea; lets play a little comparison game with Vistaprint to (hopefully) show potential customers just how good our prices and service are.  We will bare our souls to the world, ok so we might not go quite that far.... but here goes nothing!

I've chosen to run with the "custom stickers" option on Vistaprint.

vistaprint custom stickers

With the following custom sticker options selected on their site;

Shape: Circle

Orientation: Horizontal

Size: 3.8cm x 3.8cm (38mm diameter)

Finish: Gloss

Quantity = 120

At this point I can choose my base design, add the text, in this case “Design & Cut”, and continue to the next step of reviewing my custom sticker. Please note we could of chose a different shape or contour cut - both Vistaprint and us offer this service. I was merely keeping to simple for the purposes of getting a price.  Assuming all is ok, tick the box and click next...

Screenshot of our custom sticker review or "proof" on the Vistaprint site.


Then comes the upsell. We are shown a great long list of things that are “frequently bought together”, can't blame them for trying but we'll pass on this occasion.


Next comes a second page of things to tempt us – this time webpages, lets just skip to the basket and see if we can get to checkout for a total.


Now you can see the base price for these custom stickers is £38.70 (inc VAT), as a new customer we're being given a discount, dropping that price to £24.51 and now we are given the option to checkout.

Screenshot of our custom stickers in the basket showing the price on the Vistaprint site.

And finally the delivery options, which will give us the grand total for our custom stickers;

Screenshot of Vistaprint delivery costs and timescale for custom stickers.


Standard delivery is £4.79 with an estimated delivery date of 15th March (if ordered on the 9th March)

or, if you're all about the saving and willing to wait a bit longer:

Economy delivery is £3.59 with an estimated delivery date of 22nd March (if ordered on the 9th March)


The only thing left to do is pay and complete the order.  Hurrah, we made it!

So that gave us a grand total of £24.51 (discounted price) for the stickers, and £3.59 for the economy delivery, making a Vistaprint total of £28.10.


In comparison here at Design & Cut, I can do the same spec of custom stickers for......


Delivery is £3.90 for orders under £50, if you spend more than £50 delivery is free.

Makng a Design & Cut total of £23.89.

Remember, Vistaprint were running a discount code at the time of our "order", we used that discounted price in this comparison.  Our price is naturally cheaper, and does not rely on any discounts to get that - our great custom sticker prices are available all the time, to everyone.  (We also won't bombard you with emails). 


The Differences between Vistaprint and us - Things To Note

Standard service: The Design & Cut standard service is that the order will be dispatched within (so this is a worse case scenario) 5 working days from approval of proof.

Delivery: Our economy or "standard" delivery as we like to call it, is the equivalent of Royal Mail 2nd class, so it'll take 2 - 3 working days to arrive.

Sticker Proof - another difference between Design & Cut's service and that of Vistaprint is the proof system.  With Vistaprint you simply review your design as part of the order process, confirm all is ok and off it goes for printing.  We also do similar - we will send a PDF file to you, for you to confirm the design/setup is correct, BUT we also offer a free printed proof of your sticker.  We will print one of your actual stickers, post it to you for you to approve and won't start printing until you have approved it.  If something isn't quite right we can amend it.  All at NO ADDITIONAL COST.  You can be 100% happy knowing exactly what you will receive.  The only option I have been given by Vistaprint by way of proof, is approving what is on screen. I have no idea what media, or material as they call it, that they will print on, print quality etc, and therefore don't really have any idea of what I'm going to receive.


All in all this would've made the Design & Cut "economy" service delivery date estimate 19th March at the latest.  A whole 3 days faster than Vistaprint, with a saving of £4.21.  Again, note the Vistaprint price was a discounted price, yet our custom stickers are still a better deal.

Final thoughts:

I think, many will find it surprising that Design & Cut is in fact cheaper than Vistaprint.  They are one of the big names for custom printing and even with a discount code applied we still came out cheaper and faster.  Our low prices are not a reflection on our quality either, we use high quality vinyl media ("material") to print on, and use eco-solvent or solvent inks for durability; scratch, water and UV resistance.  

In final conclusion, why not give us a try - I think we have proved our price and service are up to it.  

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